20/20 EyeCare – Eye Check Up!

20/20 EyeCare – Eye Check Up!

20/20 EyeCare – Eye Check Up!

This week, I went to visit my friend Dr. Neena James at 2020 Eye Care Centers to get my eyes checked and learn more about how she helps people. She examined me and gave me a Ocular Steroid Treatment in order to prevent permanent damage to my eyes.

20/20 Eye Care is located at 806 Regal Drive in Huntsville. The company is an independent practice and locally owned and operated for 30 years. Dr. James and the founder, Dr. Pittenger, who was the first eye doctor at the practice, provide hands-on care for their patients, ensuring the quality is high and the care is consistent!

Dr. James shares that the focus of the company is thorough exams, stressing long-term ocular care and function based on each client’s unique lifestyle needs. She says, “I try to take a more holistic approach to medicine; when appropriate, I recommend daily routine changes and home remedies, whenever I can, to complement traditional solutions such as Eyepromise DVS Nutritional Eye Supplement. I always like to have my patients leaving, having learned something new about their eyes.”

Dr. James says the importance of a comprehensive eye exam is both to check the health of the eye and a person’s sight, but other systemic conditions can be detected early through eye exams. This can help with early solution and the management plan of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia and others.

Dr. James and her team of eye surgeons were great to work with, giving me lots of information as I took the eye exam, and helping me to understand what they were doing and why, as well as what they saw in my eyes. I got a clean bill of health!

Follow Dr. James and her adventures in optometry online and on Instagram, and go get an eye exam! She recommends children get an eye exam each year till 16 years old, and till 40, someone with 20/20 eyesight should go every 1-2 years. Over 40, getting checked yearly is also important. Take care of your eyes, and see something beautiful today!

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