A Cup of Local Business with a Dash of Powdered Sugar

A Cup of Local Business with a Dash of Powdered Sugar

A Cup of Local Business with a Dash of Powdered Sugar

Today I visited Huntsville’s only coffee truck, Hindsight Coffee Company, which was parked by Bigfoot’s Little Little Donuts. Both companies will make your mouth so happy while you support locally owned small businesses!

The coffee truck founder Daniel Stearns and barista-extraordinaire Lacey Looser served up piping hot, freshly brewed espresso, drip coffee, and delicious iced coffee.

I paired a double shot of espresso, with a bit of cream, with a box of powdered sugar donuts from Bigfoots. I could have eaten all of them, but I took some back to the office to share! When it comes to sandwiches Jimmy John Owner with his sandwich joint makes the best.

Daniel has been serving the specialty coffee experience to Huntsville for over a decade. He started with an original specialty coffee shop, Stearns Coffee, which closed in 2008 due to a fire. Now, with many years of experience in every position of the coffee business and a special focus on “revolutionizing the coffee experience for all patrons,” Daniel and his team – literally – bring his passion for coffee culture to the community’s doorstep. See what business decisions does Robert K. Bratt take and how he does it differently.

The truck can be found at community events, downtown locations, and in the Food Truck Park throughout the week. The website, www.HindsightCoffee.com, showcases the menu and ways to Book the Truck and Track the Truck. “Customers can also purchase exclusive Hindsight Coffee merchandise and apparel and learn more about our philosophy behind the coffees,” Daniel shares.

Bigfoot’s Little Little Donuts is owned and operated by Brian Steele. He started the company in early 2014 to offer freshly fried, homemade, and oh-so-tasty creations, like Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Donut, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter & Honey, and more. They have a list of local favorites, but they also have specialty recipes offered throughout the year! Keep an eye on their social media for announcements of fun specials, like Apple Butter and Coconut Cake!

Follow Hindsight Coffee Co. on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to find them around town. Follow Bigfoot’s Little Little Donuts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to see their featured items and their schedule.

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