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Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Huntsville AL

Functional Chiropractic is a pain solution center that offers excellent chiropractic services to effectively relieve upper and lower back pain. Dr. R. S. Porter, our resident back pain chiropractor, is an expert in treating herniated discs and other causes of back pain. That’s why we are the ideal choice for patients in Huntsville and other surrounding communities in Alabama who are seeking relief from back pain and discomfort. 

Read on to learn about the different types of back pain and the various reasons which cause it. Find out how to book an appointment with Functional Chiropractic to get started on the journey to healing and recovery from painful back conditions.

What are the types of back pain?

We at Functional Chiropractic provide chiropractic solutions for people who suffer from the two main types of back pain: 

Upper Back Pain The upper back is supposed to be the strongest back section which supports and stabilizes the body structure. However, it is prone to muscle or joint issue irritation due to the daily pressure it is placed under. As a result, upper or mid back pain can develop over time. 

Lower Back Pain The lower back is susceptible to injuries to the muscles, joints, and ligaments. Lower back pain can result from the minor pressure on the spine and the force on the nerve roots which are caused by these injuries. 

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

Our back pain chiropractor at Functional Chiropractic examines our patients to determine the root causes of their back pain. Here are some of the potential reasons why people have back pain: 

Herniated Disc: One of the most frequent causes of back pain is a disc herniation or bulge. The outer portions of the disc may gradually be worn down over time. The herniated disc may cause extreme pain, based on the position and type of the bulge, especially if it irritates a surrounding nerve.

Sprains and Strains: Sprains result from the tearing of overstretched ligaments, while sprains are muscle damage caused by heavy lifting and twisting movements. Both sprains and strains can affect the back area, which could lead to pain, bruising, and swelling. 

Stress: The combination of supporting the upper body while retaining a full range of motion can put a strain on the back. The muscle tissues of the back may contract because of the overproduction of stress hormones, which cause painful trigger points to be created. 

Back Pain Chiropractor in Huntsville, AL

We at Functional Chiropractic can ease your upper and lower back pain because we treat the root causes of back pain, not just its symptoms. Our back pain chiropractor provides pain relief because he targets misalignments in the spine, which is a central factor in all the causes of back pain.