Meet & Greet at Alchemy Lounge

Meet & Greet at Alchemy Lounge

Meet & Greet at Alchemy Lounge

Thank you for hanging out!
Meeting everyone last week was Awesome! Thank you for coming out to pose for a picture and support Lowe Mill’s newest delicious and beautiful small business, Alchemy Lounge!

I love Halloween season, so I went ahead and dressed up for the evening. Lowe Mill is dog-friendly, so Dig the dog hung out at the doggy area outside Alchemy Lounge.

I ordered up an espresso to try out the Counter Culture coffee, a gourmet roaster in Atlanta, that Alchemy serves. Then I got comfortable on one of the couches by the windows (there’s so much seating and cool lighting!) with a good view of the stage – just in case live entertainment was scheduled for the evening!

Alchemy Lounge just celebrated their Grand Opening on October 1, and they have been busy since day one. They have fresh, delicious espresso drinks, tea, and now beer! The espresso drinks are made precisely by the specially trained staff to pull the perfect shot. You won’t get a bitter, burnt flavor from Alchemy.

Founders John and Candace Stough have always had a love for the coffee experience. Their travels together have taken them across the country, visiting the best and most unique coffee bars, where they gather inspiration and ideas for their dream coffee shop.

Alchemy Lounge is located upstairs in Lowe Mill behind Suzy’s Pops. It is also accessible from the exterior door near Trailhead Bicycle shop.

Follow Alchemy Lounge on their website, Instagram, and Facebook, to be in the know about their live entertainment, new food and drinks, and special events (wine tastings coming soon)!

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This is a personal invitation to you to come have a cup of freshly brewed coffee with me!

If you love coffee as much as I do, I know you’ll want to join me at my next adventure: the brand new Alchemy Lounge in Lowe Mill.

You are invited Friday, October 14th, at 7 p.m. (or whenever you want to get there). I would love to take a photo with you, hear your feedback on my blog, and hear about how I could promote your local business or healthy option in Huntsville!

For more information about my Hang Out, check out the Facebook event here or my page here.

For more information about Alchemy Lounge, check out the Facebook page here and their website here.