Promoting Entrepreneurship in Huntsville

Promoting Entrepreneurship in Huntsville

Promoting Entrepreneurship in Huntsville

3..2..1..0! Entrepreneur Community Boost!
New Leaf Digital, a non-profit in Huntsville, is focused on creating opportunity for education, growth, and encouragement for those interested in starting small businesses in the community. They offer distinct programs to cultivate communication, creativity, and confidence in starting and running these businesses.

This week, I headed to the 3210 meeting at Huntsville West to hang with other local entrepreneurs!

3210 is one of New Leaf Digital’s programs. Comprised of social events, business founders speaker series, and Deep Dives, 3210 is intended to equip young professionals in the area to create a culture of entrepreneurship.

The event I attended was a speaker series, featuring Brandon Gillis with PartCycle. He shared that PartCycle, an automotive ecommerce marketplace, was born out of his passions for cars and protecting the environment.

Brandon spoke about how his company’s idea was developed, as well as how the idea was refined and the marketplace program needed to offer auto parts inventory to shoppers online, was developed, and the on-going process of simplifying the shopping experience for his site’s visitors. He also shared about his experience with a mentor, encouraging the group to not be afraid to ask questions of those with more experience!

Next chance to get involved:
3210’s next event will be a Deep Dive at 7 a.m. on November 15 at HudsonAlpha. Join the group for an in-depth look at the founding story and business model of Snapchat, as well as the opportunity to network and work with other local business-minded young professionals.

Chris founded New Leaf Digital and its programs with the goal of converting Huntsville into an entrepreneurial city, Chris shared. The organization founded more than 10 startup businesses this year and have the goal of more than 50 businesses next year.

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