Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Learn more about upper cervical chiropractic care in the videos below!


“After going to Dr. Porter for just a short time, I can already feel the difference the adjustments are making. As a runner and avid obstacle course racer, I want to take care of my body now in my 40’s so I can continue to compete well into my 50’s, 60’s, and beyond. Since Dr. Porter understands the needs of an athlete, he does a great job at tailoring my solution needs. Plus, the staff is super friendly and very easy to work with.”

– Chip T.


“Being an athlete, I came here to maintain my good health. I’ve had issues in the past and Dr. Porter has helped me stay in good health. I’m in and out in 10 minutes and always feel better leaving than when I came in.”

– Maxwell S.


“Dr. Porter and the staff at Functional Chiropractic are very friendly and professional. They answered all of the questions I had during my initial visit in a clear, understandable manner. After my first couple of visits I had already noticed a sharp decrease in my lower back and shoulder pain. Unlike some doctors’ offices I have never had to wait any more than 5-10 minutes past my scheduled appointment time, even when the waiting room is packed! Also, their rates are very affordable with several different payment options so you can find what works best for your needs. I will definitely be recommending Functional Chiropractic and Dr. Porter to my friends and family!

P.S., they always have great music playing :)”

– James M.


“I started seeing Dr. Porter when I was 5 months pregnant. I am now going on 37 weeks & this was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I have had back & shoulder issues for a few years now from a car accident. The weekly adjustments with Dr. Porter have been a lifesaver. It really helps me to feel my best & keep the aches & pains associated with pregnancy at bay. Especially when it comes to my lower back and hips. Not to mention the added benefits that baby and I will see during labor with my spine and pelvis being in proper alignment. He is wonderful with children as well and I will definitely be bringing the baby to see him after she is born so he can reset her atlas after the birthing process.”

– Kristen S.


“Most awesome cats on the planet! Jennifer and I have greatly improved quality of life because them. Pain sucks…no need to suffer. Visit this dude and let him lay hands on you…”

– Joe H.


“Dr. Porter has helped my neck, back, and hip alignment tremendously. Being a weightlifter and distance runner, over time I have developed quite a bit of tightness in my muscles and some misalignment throughout my back and hips. I gave Dr. Porter a try and I was surprised how much he was able to get back into alignment and relieve a lot of the tightness in muscles. He’s even gotten relief in certain tight spots that I’ve had for quite some time and other chiropractors just weren’t able to take care of. His thought process and technique is a little different from other chiropractors I’ve seen and it has helped out a lot. He uses a gentle but very effective technique to make the adjustments. Not at all jarring. I noticed since having my back and hips balanced and aligned, my 1RM reps have gone up significantly and mile pace in running has dropped. Dr. Porter and his staff are very professional and friendly. They make the extra effort to know you so they can help you out as much as possible and I never feel rushed. Very nice clean office environment. I highly recommend him.”

– David D.


“Two years ago, I started experiencing severe pain in my lower back that radiated along the side of my legs. I visited my doctor who prescribed lots of different medications and pain relievers that masked the pain, but did not cure it. I ended up trying very expensive physical therapy, but the pain only worsened. I was referred to a spine specialist and was being treated as if I had bulging discs. Before I agreed to an expensive and invasive epidural procedure, one of my husband’s coworkers suggested I give Dr. Porter at Functional Chiropractic a shot. It ended up being a life-changing experience! Instead of being 30 years old, barely able to make it through my day, relying on muscle relaxers to take the edge off… I am now PAIN FREE. I have been seeing Dr. Porter for about a year now. I am able to enjoy walking and playing in the floor with my son! If you are mom suffering from back pain, which I have since discovered is extremely common, you owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Porter and his team. It is much more affordable than invasive procedures and medications, and you can live a normal, healthy life again.”

– Bonnie E.