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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Functional Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic that offers first-rate prenatal chiropractor services to pregnant patients. Our in-house pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. R. S. Porter, is exceptionally skilled and experienced in providing maternity chiropractor solutions to expecting mothers of all ages. It’s one of the reasons why people in Huntsville and other nearby areas in Alabama who are looking for a chiropractor for pregnant women choose Functional Chiropractic.

Continue reading to understand how pregnancy causes discomfort to expectant moms. Explore the benefits of going to the chiropractor while pregnant. Find out if chiropractic care is safe for pregnant women and how it works. Learn how frequently expecting mothers should visit a chiropractor. Discover tips on how to reduce discomfort during pregnancy. Finally, find out how to schedule an appointment with Functional Chiropractic if you are planning on consulting with a chiropractor specializing in pregnancy.

Prenatal Chiropractor in Huntsville, AL

Pregnancy can cause extreme physical stress, which is why it can be a painful, uncomfortable experience for women. The body of an expecting mother usually goes through a variety of transformations as the baby thrives in the womb.

The center of gravity of the body moves to the front of the pelvis, which leads to pressure on the lower back. While the baby grows bigger and the weight of the mother becomes greater, the curve of the lower back becomes more pronounced. The increasing curve can harm the vertebral joints, hip joints, and sacrum.

As a result, one of the most common signs of discomfort among pregnant people is back pain. Lower or upper back pain can hinder pregnant moms from fulfilling their regular routines. It can also lead to problems during the labor process. That’s why the services of our prenatal chiropractor at Functional Chiropractic can be instrumental to the well-being of expecting moms.

Tips for Pregnant People

  • Perform light fitness exercises every day that feature smooth motions.
  • Avoid physical activities that involve rough or bouncing movements.
  • Put on flat shoes which provide sufficient arch support to the feet.
  • Bend the knees instead of from the waist when picking up and carrying kids.
  • Sleep in a sideways position with a pillow between the two knees to reduce lower back pressure.
  • Get regular chiropractic solutions from a licensed prenatal chiropractor.

Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

The effective solutions of our chiropractor specializing in pregnancy can minimize the discomfort and maximize the overall wellness of women. These are some of the vital benefits of maternity chiropractor care that expecting mothers can experience by visiting Functional Chiropractic:

  • It reduces nausea
  • It relieves bladder-related issues
  • It makes the birth process easier since the proper alignment has a positive effect on labor and delivery
  • It promotes a quicker recovery time after labor
  • It lessens the risk of pre-term delivery and C-section procedure
  • It relieves lower back pain associated with carrying a child

Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Safe?

Scientific research has revealed that prenatal chiropractic care is safe and effective. Just make sure to choose a licensed, experienced chiropractor like Dr. Porter. There is an extremely low risk connected with maternity chiropractic solutions.


How Does Prenatal Chiropractic Care Work?

Our chiropractor for pregnant women at Functional Chiropractic typically manipulates the spine, muscles, and joints of our patients to achieve proper alignment. Dr. Porter will adjust the chiropractic solution especially for expecting mothers to reduce their stress and to protect the baby at the same time. He will apply gentler pressure on pregnant people compared to conventional chiropractic solutions. He will also concentrate on the pelvic region to minimize stress on the uterus. Overall, our chiropractic services are designed to increase comfort and minimize risks during the pregnancy stage.


How Frequently Should You Visit a Chiropractor While You’re Pregnant?

In general, women who are planning on going to the chiropractor while pregnant should visit at least once a month during their first trimester. They can visit more frequently during the second and last trimester of their pregnancy. Since the pregnancy needs of each expecting mom are unique, some people can require more visits than others. Dr. Porter can recommend the appropriate number of visits that are suitable for every one of our patients at Functional Chiropractic.

Maximize Your Comfort During Pregnancy with the Help of a Prenatal Chiropractor

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